Yeahzy! was launched in October, 2018 by London-based dad and internet entrepreneur Craig Barber.

Every weekend I would sit down with my family and ask the same question, What shall we do this weekend? The question came up every weekend. Without fail. We were always looking for new and fun things to do in London each weekend.

Whilst there were other sites that listed things to do in London, none of them really tailored to families and family activities. The ones that did were not easy to use, especially on your mobile.

I thought why not create a family friendly, mobile website for families in London like us that need new things to do each weekend? Yeahzy! was born.

So I set about building Yeahzy! in my spare time. Being a family man living in London for the past 15 years, I had already done a whole bunch of interesting things, so I added them to the site. I also researched and found a few more.

I launched Yeahzy! with 50 of the best things to do in London with your family. Each week I’ll be adding new things to do as and when they come up.

That’s the story of Yeahzy! Be sure to stop by often and don’t forget to join our weekly email list and spread the word to other families who need fun things to do!